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Once again we saw early weakness in the markets and as sure as the sun rises everyday, we rallied back off the lows. While we did finish in positive territory across the board, we continue to face more and more weakness in the markets. That has been alarming and while it’s hard to fathom any significant drop based on recent trading history, we can’t just simply ignore what is happening. More risk off trading and aggressive short sellers could eventually win out. While it may or may not be temporary, it only adds to the fact that any buys in stocks trading at or near their all time levels is highly risky. It’s a formula for nasty losses and frankly can make a huge difference to your year end result. Approach buys cautiously and keep your eye out for the market behavior. Both buyers and sellers are looking for a reason to exit and enter. If anything comes up that could shake up the markets landscape… watch out below.  Open Position: AMP RHT NKE SWKS AAPL FB OSTK RL Stocks to Watch: TWTR CTXS NTAP JBL HLF WFC  JPM MS NFLX WDC DIS SBUX STZ NKE LULU CREE VZ T HOG MON YUM LOW HD LEN TOL FEYE PANW FFIV AKAM


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