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Things had slowed down considerably during yesterday’s trading session. While we did see small spurts of volatility in the market place, it wasn’t close to the wild swings we saw starting the week off. A bit of a divergence overall as the rotations have been swift. This time tech led the way in the markets. The COMP finished in the green while the DJI and SPX fell and closed in negative territory. We should expect more of the same. Fast secular rotations and bouts of volatility. With the tax bill looming over the markets, that can give the bulls or the bears a reason to play. That could be a driving force up or a reason to sell off. I suspect if the bill gets passed, we could see a move similar to the release from the senate. The companies the corporate tax cut benefits will rally and tech might get hit down. If we see a macro rally across the board, then expect the markets to blow out to new record highs. However, if we see that divergence then we must expect wild swings and volatility. It could be a fun one today folks! Open Position: VFC AMZN NKE TRIP LOW WMT AET SPLK Stocks to Watch: TWTR CTXS NTAP JBL HLF WFC  JPM MS NFLX WDC DIS SBUX STZ NKE LULU CREE VZ T HOG MON YUM LOW HD LEN TOL FEYE PANW FFIV AKAM


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