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In a shocking turn of events, the markets had their worst day of the year. Yes I know it’s still January but it sure seemed the markets couldn’t go down. Not wouldn’t, but couldn’t bring the operative word. Maybe we will see the weakness continue to spill over as we approach the state of the union address. That would be another shocking development if we had two days of weakness. There are signs that it could happen. We saw the 10-yr T yield showing signs of life. The VIX rallied strong and money continued to pile in throughout the session. We also saw the markets tank to the lows at the end of the day. Short sellers were putting risk ON meaning they were willing to carry the trades over into the next day. Things maybe shaking up and earnings could help fuel the selloff. Yes things maybe changing in the near term but this has been sorely needed. Expect the downside move short term but be prepared to buy this dip. Heck it can even happen today. It is “Turnaround Tuesday” after all… Open Position: VFC LOW TWX SYNA SQ HLF STX LULU Stocks to Watch: TWTR CTXS NTAP JBL HLF WFC  JPM MS NFLX WDC DIS SBUX STZ NKE LULU CREE VZ T HOG MON YUM LOW HD LEN TOL FEYE PANW FFIV



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