Home Options Shares of Nvidia Volatile on Citron Comments

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Shares of Nvidia (NVDA) were volatile on Tuesday in part due to continued negative comments by Andrew Left of Citron Research. Left has been a critic on NVDA since last year, most arguing that the company will lose value due to the slowing sales of video cards for the use of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, so far, NVDA has mostly been able to hold up its value, but volatility noticeably increases each time Left makes comments. NVDA shares are still near the all time high reach in January, and are mostly down due to the overall market selloff. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the stock as Citron’s comments seem to be causing some to stay away from the stock, and others to sell it. NVDA shares closed at 225.58, up +5.56% on the market rebound.



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