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It was another wide ranging trading session yesterday. We started the week off with gains but also active sellers trying to bring the markets down. Will we see Turnaround Tuesday for the Bears?! That has to be on the mind of buyers as they are a little apprehensive on the buy side. We did see decent volume flow into the markets but no where near the average of last week. I still think we could see some upward movement in the upcoming week but I am watching the markets very closely. We must understand that sellers are chomping at the bit and will be trying to drive the markets lower. I will buy with confidence but will also look for any reversion sells I can take. Being hedged or buying longer term would be the way to go for now. Long Signal: HLF DECK EW  Short Signal: Stocks to Watch: TWTR CTXS NTAP JBL HLF WFC  JPM MS NFLX WDC DIS SBUX STZ NKE LULU CREE VZ T HOG MON YUM LOW HD LEN TOL FEYE PANW FFIV


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