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The Trump administration will present controversial proposals for NAFTA negotiations that are expected to attract vehement opposition from Congress, large sections of the U.S. business community and leaders in Canada and Mexico, according to sources with knowledge of the arrangements.

Trade experts on and off Capitol Hill are worried that the Trump demands — which many on the Hill regard as unreasonable and inflexible — will torpedo the NAFTA negotiations and will ultimately give Trump the justification he’s been searching for to withdraw.

The proposals come as the Trump administration — led by chief trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer — enter the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations with Canada and Mexico, which begin today. A senior congressional aide said the administration is pushing to include the following issues, which are troublesome to large sections of Congress and the business community:

We’ll see how this plays out in the markets, if at all, since we seem to be doing nothing but continuing to move up, across the board.  However some individual sectors may be more affected others.



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