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We have all spoke about the different angles of the tax packages, and different potential views of  some politicians – but we didn’t specifically mention John McCain. He held out for what he believed was the best for the country (at least) and the best for his state at the minimum.

As you will see from the chart below, the markets went “up” like a Cialis commercial!

I wonder if Senator McCain was long about 10,000 DEEP in the money calls…and then made deca-millions with his nod.  It’s NOT an accusation, just a thought is all.

Another important meeting on the calendar happened to be Thursday as well.  On Thursday, the members of OPEC agreed to even more oil cuts – expecting higher prices in the future.

Analysts had previously predicted an extension; a survey showed 9 months as the most likely duration, measured from end of March 2018.

The BEST thing going on for traders today…and ANY time… is volatility!  And since that has radically increased these days – let’s hope it continues.




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