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Trading Advantage has grown tremendously from its roots as Larry Levin’s brainchild on the trading floor.  Larry didn’t just suddenly appear on CNBC, nor did he begin his career as a successful trader or a company president. He began as a runner at the old Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the early 1990s.  Larry quickly climbed the ranks from phone clerk to desk manager to eventually trading his own account. At the height of his trading career, Larry averaged between 2500-3000 S&P contracts per day to become both a profitable and respected trader.   From his years of experience on the trading floor, Larry recognized that successful trading over the long haul requires a sound strategy and a specific plan.

Sensing the inevitable shift away from the open outcry pits to an electronic marketplace, Larry founded Trading Advantage to share the secrets of his success with a larger audience.  Trading Advantage has grown to a full-fledged training organization.. Hardly a day goes by when you won’t see one of the Trading Advantage green jackets on TV.

To learn more, please visit www.tradingadvantage.com.